Craps Itself, as Always

Just received a forward of a new appeal. The group, founded to protect the horrendous Bill Clinton from facing perjury charges, wants us all to join Presidents Bush and Obama in their diagnosis of “our” disease and then “tell” Congress* “It’s time for a bold plan to get America off of oil. Please learn from the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and take action to end the U.S. addiction to oil.”

Hey, dipshits: It’s cars, not oil. And its capitalists, not “us.”

*The last time a major “highway bill” was before Congress, in 2005, it passed 503-12, with all 12 of the nays coming from ultra-right Republicans happy to get a puffball chance to grandstand their supposed hatred of government spending. Zero Democrats spoke or voted against the bill, which reduced the “traditional” share of money going to public transportation.

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free transit
10 years ago

Well put.