Memo to Rachel Maddow

maddow oval office Rachel, you are certainly correct that OilBama blew it.

But two wrongs don’t make a right. Passing an “energy bill” is not going to do jack shit to prevent future oil rig explosions or any of the other costs and dangers of the status quo.

The reasons:

1. 80+ percent of U.S. oil use is due to cars-first transportation.  71 percent goes directly into gas tanks, and at least another ten percent goes into making cars, building asphalt roads, and automobile-induced generally inflated petroleum use.  If we do not radically demote the automobile in this society, more deepwater oil drilling and rig disasters are assured.

2. Doubling or tripling automotive fuel efficiency standards in the US car fleet is very easy to say, and essentially impossible to do, unless you spend trillions of dollars doing so.  If we are to switch over to glorified electric golf carts, we will need to rebuild our entire existing road and fueling infrastructure, as well as our whole electrical grid.  If we are going to spend trillions, we should rebuild our cities and towns to facilitate truly sustainable transportation, not more cars.

3. Doubling or tripling automotive fuel efficiency would merely slow the pace of oil use.  It will absolutely not “get us off oil.”  In fact, trying to double or triple automotive fuel efficiency would INCREASE the rate of petroleum used in road and vehicle building, both of which would be required to make micro-cars exist in sufficient numbers and platforms.  The automobile in any viable cars-first format is a 1,500-plus-pound metal and plastic box for moving people distances that ought to be covered by walking, bicycling, and using shared public transit vehicles.  As such, it is inherently oil-instensive and radically unsustainable.  Why haven’t you ever pondered that, Rachel?

4. Alternative fuels do not, and probably will not, exist, except as counterproductive tricks on end-users desperate for answers.

5. Until you liberal wonks stop working to keep people tied to shameless sell-outs like Obama, none of your fantasy-world legislative rebellions stand a ghost of a chance of happening.  We need social movements and serious discussion of reality, include the necrosis of the Democratic Party, not misleading and unserious beltway pwog talking points.

Grow up, Rachel.  This isn’t a game.

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