ROFLMAO: Electric Manhole Covers

manhole Siemens is apparently trying to commercialize these inductive chargers for so-called “electric” cars:

In the future, motorists will no longer need a cable to recharge the batteries of their electric cars, thanks to a development project for inductive charging. Developed in cooperation with BMW, this non-contact technology also works if drivers only make a short stop to recharge. The associated charging stations can be easily incorporated into practically any setting, making them nearly invisible and effectively protecting them against vandalism and wear and tear. In June 2011, the system’s capabilities will be tested in a project funded by the German Environment Ministry and involving several vehicles in Berlin.

Do you think maybe Siemens doth protest too much with its preemptive assurances about the practicality of the devices?  And can you imagine how expensive it would be to go out a rebuild public automotive streets to feature these literally shocking boondoggles?

At that point, we might as well start doing what we ought to be doing — radically reconstructing our towns to facilitate walking, bicycling, and public transportation.

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