Death by Car Hits the Airwaves

For those who may be interested, I was interviewed yesterday by Stephanie Potter, host of KBOO Radio’s “Recovery Zone” program.

Here is a link to the show, where you can listen to and/or download the mp3 file:

Courting Carmageddon on KBOO Radio, May 26, 2010


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10 years ago

Great interview! I guess I’m a bit more pessimistic though – I’d say it’s not the 21st century that is the make-or-break one, it was the 20th.

Apparently Joke-Barfa’s approval rating has actually gone up again! I would have thought that, especially since April 20, it would have gone down even faster than free fall, like in the movies when the hero with a jet-pack or rocket-pack on his back flies down even faster than gravity would pull him. So what’s up with that?