WSJ Acknowledges Peak Oil

Write the date down.  Today’s edition of The Wall Street Journal is running an op-ed saying the following, in a story titled “The Next Crisis: Prepare for Peak Oil”:

But the work of the Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security shouldn’t be disparagingly dismissed. Its arguments are well founded and lead it to the conclusion that, while the global downturn may have delayed it by a couple of years, peak oil—the point at which global production reaches its maximum—is no more than five years away.

Corporate politicians and the corporate media have kept this colossal issue under tight wrap so far.

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10 years ago

Huh, I wonder why the Wall Street Journal is even mentioning this idea now – as you say, the corporations, politicians, and mainstream media have kept a tight lid on the issue under tight wraps. My guess is that they are preparing the U.S. public for more oil wars – after the public is fed into a “we need to attack more countries to get the oil we need and are running out of” frenzy, it will be easier to get them to support militarily attacking Venezuela or Iran or whomever – or should I say, AND whomever. Here is… Read more »

Peak-oil part 1 of 2 : Eclipse Now
10 years ago

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