Wrong Again About Obama…


I apologize.  Try as I might, it remains impossible to underestimate President Obama.

Considering the topic at hand, that was perhaps the most bloodless, pathetic speech in U.S. history.  Flaccid would be too strong a word for it.  People coaxing kittens away from yarnballs are more outraged and urgent.

And Obummer promised even less than the moldy crumbs I’d expected.  Another elite, stacked commission of inquiry, another Harvard creep in charge of another institution, and promises of promises about unnamed “clean energy” vaporware.  That’s it.  Not another penny for public transportation, our decrepit railroads, or even electric cars.  Zip.

This guy is a somnambulant babysitter on Xanax.  He makes Clinton look good, Al Gore passionate.  Somewhere, a career-chip office is missing its Level 29 Bureaucrat.

And this isn’t funny, either.  If there was ever going to be a moment for raising the topic of seriously overhauling our suicidal cars-first transportation order, this was it.

Not a hint of a whisper of a peep about that from this place-holding corporate pitchfork-catcher.


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