All-Electric Chevy Volt Remains Vaporware

lemon battery Remember when the Chevy Volt was going to have only an electric engine?

Turns out, the Volt is merely GM’s version of a hybrid, though the state-capitalist organization protests that entirely accurate label.  Accepting it would speak volumes both to the epic failures of General Motors and to the host of problems with the effort to preserve cars-first transportation by eventually converting vehicles to all-electric fueling.

The Volt will go “up to” 40 miles before its gas engine takes over, “though aggressive driving, along with extensive use of air conditioning, heat or headlights will lower that number.” Price?  $40,000.


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Paul A. Eisenstein
10 years ago

Ahem, folks, I appreciate you citing our story on, and there are a reasonable number of reasons to question issues related to the Volt, but let’s have our facts together rather than engaging in the sort of ill-prepared rant that seems to be becoming the norm, rather than the exception, in politics these days. First and foremost, since the concept vehicle was first unveiled at the NAIAS in January 2007, the Chevy Volt was NEVER going to be an electric-only model. I would put my personal assets on that if somebody wants to take that bet. What has become… Read more »

  The $41,000 Phone Charger - Death by Car
9 years ago

[…] admitted that the all-electric Chevy Volt was vaporware as well as haloware, GM is now preparing to peddle the actual hybrid version of the thing as a […]