Flexing, Indeed

Automobiles have always been overkill, a means of promoting salable waste.

The phenomenon, like the political-economic order it expresses, cannot slow down: It is a systemic imperative.

Given its advanced age, the overkill is now openly farcical.

Consider this current television ad, tellingly titled “Flex,” for tailgates on 2021 Chevrolet pick-up trucks:

Here, the farce is so extreme, GM’s massive marketing team couldn’t think of any way — and they undoubtedly tried — to show the suggested use-value actually being used in a non-hilarious manner.

White men continue to pay good money to become victims of such shameless, sociopathic gimmicks.

“That Doesn’t Just Happen”

The quasi-official explanation for the existence of cars-first transportation in the United States is an extension of American Exceptionalism: “Americans are having a love affair with the automobile,” it is said, is all there is to know about the making and meaning of mobility in this, the best of all possible societies.

Now, one important sub-axiom of love affair doctrine is the presumption that capitalists, being mere order-takers, have played no independent part in the extraordinary, continuing paving of the continent. “What would you folks like,” our heroic Henry Fords are said to always ask. “Oh, cars…hmm. Cars, you say? Oh, yes,…cars, cars, of course! — excuse us, we hadn’t thought of that. Tell us more, so we can give you what you desire!”

This would surely still be the main explanation an organization such as the Ford Motor Company would give, if any public servant were ever so brazen as to inquire into the insane trend toward escalating manufacture and sale of pickup trucks.

Why is this suicidal thing happening, oh dearest Ford? “Well, it’s what the people demand!,” you can hear them say.

Consider, then, this image, which shows an advertisement Ford Motor is now running in the trade magazine Automotive Age:

Ford ad

You could spend hours decoding the few dozen words in this one. But, still, consider the plain meaning of the first two sentences:

F-Series trucks have been America’s best-selling truck for 43 years running. That doesn’t just happen.

No, indeed. It does not.