Pathetic, Just Pathetic puny rally Bill McKibben’s punch-pulling gestures continue to produce the predictable: nothing.

The photo at left depicts one pimple amongst the laughable, universally puny turnout for McKibben’s slickly hyped but profoundly silly 10.10.10 “Global Work Day.”

See, the thing is, despite the continuing appeal of liberal practicality to mis-leaders like McKibben, lying to people just doesn’t fly, even when the lies are well intentioned.

Here is the ultimate prescription, the basis for its call-to-arms (er, I mean call-to-phone-calls), of

“We need to stop burning so much coal—and start using solar and wind energy and other such sources of renewable energy.”

To leave this issue at that, given the revelant findings about allegedly renewable energy, is to peddle a major lie-by-omission.

What we really need, as McKibben certainly knows, is a radical reconstruction of human societies and an equally radical redistribution of national and international wealth and power.

Meanwhile, by conveying the impression that the movement we need is all just a matter of minor, easy, familiar adjustments, promoting things like phoning your purchased “representative,” planting a tree, or posing for a snapshot by a windmill does less than nothing to move things in that direction.  Gestures and delusions are not going to get us where we need to go, Bill McKibben, and you know it.

Take your own prescription:  Before you squander even more of the people’s precious energy, “get to work” on dealing with reality and promoting public honesty.

“Kibben” Must be Gaelic for “Gesture”

windmill tilt Bill McKibben is trying to get Babysitter-in-Chief Barack Obama to reinstall solar panels on the White House roof.

The jejunosity (hat-tip to Allan Konigsberg) of this effort is multiple:

McKibben thinks his gesture might start a new social movement.

McKibben thinks “slowing global warming” can possibly be the core issue of a new social movement at the present time.

McKibben describes Obama as “doing lots of good practical things already.”

McKibben is “surprised” his gesture has not yet been embraced by Obama, and apparently has devoted no thought to the question of why not.

McKibben thinks “the fossil fuel industry” is the ultimate culprit, and does not mention the automotive-industrial complex.

Like virtually all green activists, McKibben keeps the word “capitalism” in the closet, even as Great Depression III continues to gather sucking force, thereby ensuring his “movement” will remain an Ivy League jejunosity.