Ignorance on Stilts

chris-paine This is Chris Paine, the gent who made the movie claiming that Big Oil somehow strangled the “electric” (read: coal or nuclear) car.

Not surprisingly, Chris is now claiming victory for himself while shilling for the auto corporations with a new and even dumber movie designed to flatter (e.g., “Meet the Revengers: people who have taken REVENGE for the electric car by converting a gas car, building their own EV, installing charging stations, or otherwise doing their part to generate and promote electric vehicles”) navel-gazing liberals into sleeping through what remains of history.

Chris has never disclosed the slightest interest in connecting transportation with the laws of thermodynamics. If he had, perhaps he wouldn’t have been so thoroughly fooled by the basic physics and economics of supposedly “new” schemes for using 3,500-pound machines for everyday locomotion. As it is, he has moved from mere major crackpottery to that plus pimping.

And the operation known as “Mother Jones” is knee deep in peddling this amazing trash.

In closing, a sample of the depth and power of Paine’s thought:

In the course of filming Revenge of the Electric Car I became a little more sympathetic to the car industry in terms the way it impacts the global economy. Not just in Detroit in the obvious ways, but the workers in this industry all around the world. Also, lots of things that progressives like, like the show The West Wing, were largely supported by car advertising. This stuff went away when Detroit started to go under.