The Myth of Oil Addiction

Petroleum is to the problem of energy use in America what a chronic dry cough is to the lung cancer patient. It is a symptom, not the disease.

The truth is that the corporate capitalist overclass is addicted to perpetuating cars-first transportation in the United States, regardless of the costs and dangers of doing so. The nation’s voracious appetite for oil is at least 80 percent a result of this underlying addiction. In the exceedingly unlikely event that the overclass ever manages to transition the nation’s automotive fleet to “alternative fuel” vehicles, the amount of energy demanded by those vehicles will remain wildly and radically unsustainable. The notion that everybody can accomplish their daily transits via personally owned 3,500-pound machines that sit idle for 95 percent of their lives was, is, and always will be a capitalist pipe-dream. The planet cannot support such wantonly heedless expenditures of its limited resources, oil or no oil.

The clearer and more pressing this fact becomes, the more the overclass pushes its chosen misdiagnosis, which is that “We [all of us] are addicted to oil.”

If you doubt this, read today’s belch from the High Priest of Prevailing Doctrine, Thomas Friedman. Friedman’s main proposition? If our masters “sell more Chevy Volts,” all our energy problems will go away.

The unexamined unseriousness of this assertion is beyond stunning. Keep this in the time capsule for your grandkids. They will be amazed we tolerated such nakedly corrupt magical thinking.

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