Nissan’s Coal-Powered Leaf: Range = 73, Not 100

coal loader Turns out the EPA (hardly a tough skeptic on this crucial capitalist push) says the Nissan Leaf, when brand-new, will have a driving range of 73, not 100, miles.

In other words, in its marketing efforts, Nissan exaggerates this key number by 37 percent.  (Par for the course in our market-totalitarian “up to” culture.)

Of course, even Nissan admits that the Leaf battery, which stores the burnt coal or natural gas or fissioned uranium on which the Leaf ultimately runs, will, like all batteries, decay over time.  Nissan says ordinary decay will take the battery down to 80 percent capacity after five years.

If Nissan is fudging that figure by roughly the same percentage of its range lies, in 5 years, the preening fools who spend the $35,000+ it takes to get a Leaf and a home charger might have a coal-car than can go maybe 50 miles total.  Five years after that?  Who knows?

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