Here Come the Twits

kittiesThe Facebook kids are planning an “Oil Out of the U.S.” rally near the White House on Labor Day Weekend.

The fuzzy little netroots kittens trying to organize the thing are citing this list of infantile, uninformed talking points parading as an essay by the thoroughly terrible Jon Powers.

Naivete and thoughtless promises aren’t going to dent this juggernaut, kiddies.  This is the beating heart of corporate capitalism, and a multi-trillion-dollar built environment we’re up against.  If you’re going to spout Democratic Party talking points, save the petroleum and cancel your childish, embarrassing demonstration.

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10 years ago

Such “liberal fantasies” remind me of the magical thinking that characterized anti-war protests in the 1960s, like the incredible idea that surrounding the Pentagon chanting “Out, demon, out” brought that scene in Saigon at the American Embassy with the helicopter in 1975 even one day sooner than it actually occurred. What was needed from the people was around 2 or 3 orders of magnitude more than was forthcoming, which is why it didn’t work, but “liberal fantasies” today reminisce about how the anti-war protests in the 1960s ended the Vietnam War in 1975. Such magical thinking continues today, when what… Read more »

free transit
10 years ago

Let us not also be naive. This sort of thing is purposely organized as a red herring to put young people off the scent. If we are sarcastic about it, we play right into the game. Instead, let us lead by example. The international campaign for free public transportation is growing steadily. A conference is planned in the UK in October. Join US.

10 years ago

I like sarcasm! I am reminded of the sarcastic Tom Lehrer song “Folk Song Army”, eg: If you have dissatisfaction Strum your frustrations away Some people may prefer action But give me a folk song any old day It’s not just folk songs, exorcism, and Facebook rallies, though. What could be a more powerful protest of the Vietnam war than setting yourself on fire and burning yourself to death in front of the Secretary of State’s office? And yet, who could say with a straight face that doing that in 1964 ended the war 11 years later? But people do.… Read more »