Driving the Electric Boondoggle

boondoggleEngadget’s product reviewers got to drive a Chevy Volt for one day.  The results?  Exactly as bad as we here at DbC have been projecting, based on various news reports and technical analyses:

Only 27 miles before the gasoline engine took over from the “electric” one.

MPG?  Here are the words of the reviewer:

Okay, so here’s the bit of information you’ve been waiting for: on the 239.7 mile trip from Washington DC to New York City we burned 6.1 gallons of gas. That’s 38.8 MPG, a figure that’s pretty good for a gas-powered economy car but, for a $41,000 car that’s supposed to make the world a better place for our children… well, it’s a little unimpressive to say the least.

The results, in other words, are in: As predicted here, this thing is halo-ware. Nothing more.