China and Carmageddon

beijing-traffic In case you missed it, China’s state capitalists are now saying that they are pushing to be manufacturing 40 million automobiles a year by 2020.

It will be interesting to see if capitalism makes it that far without the onset of the mother of all depressions.  Personally, I doubt it.

But this news is extremely important, nonetheless.  Not only does it support the thesis that few things can boost corporate capitalism like cars, but it is also an enormous indictment of China’s worst-of-both-worlds overclass.  If their efforts come to fruition, they will spell catastrophe for the Chinese people.

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9 years ago

Astonishing how stupid China’s new elite has become. They had our lessons set plainly before them, but they rushed to imitate us anyhow. Incredible.

I suppose that many members of that capitalizing elite simply couldn’t resist the prospect of having some kind of Western-style personal status symbol. The tribal fetish overcame their powers of reason.