BMW CEO: Nuke Cars “Won’t Work”

wire tangle BMW North American Chairman and CEO Jim O’Donnell to The Detroit News:

“(EVs) won’t work for most people,” O’Donnell said. “For at least 90 percent and maybe more of the population, (an EV) won’t work (at the current battery range).”

By “(EVs),” the DN, of course, means “electric vehicles.” We DbC folks are wise to that trick, though, aren’t we? No automobile is going to be making its own electricity in the foreseeable, not to say imaginable, future. So, the things we’re being conditioned to call “electric cars” are really nuclear or coal cars, with all the attending (hidden) implications of that reality.

And, what O’Donnell is admitting is that coal/nuke cars are pretty self-defeating, if you face any long, suburban commutes.

That, of course, won’t stop BMW from selling the things, undoubtedly at a loss. But such is the state of the industry these days. Every brand has to do its part to sustain the overall fiction that some invention is eventually going to render cars-first transportation sustainable.

Alas, doing that would require a major revision in the laws of thermodynamics, which dictate that making and moving ton-plus machines will always demand a great deal of energy, regardless of the source. All the loss leaders in the universe are not going to accomplish that feat. Car = pipe-dream.

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