Chevrolet Volt Gets Priced

41k volt Forty-one thousand dollars. Time required to recharge the massive battery pack? Unless you are an early buyer who gets gifted one of the federal government’s $2,500+ home super-chargers (or buy one yourself): ten hours. Ten hours plugged in to move the thing “up to” 40 miles on electricity. That “up to” is there because using the stereo, lights, heater, or air conditioner — using the car, in other words — will reduce the all-electric range.

All this for a mere year’s worth of full-time exploited labor (more than that for women), or the price of three compact all-gasoline cars that get roughly the same gas mileage and make no huge new demands on the Earth’s limited supply of lithium.

Said it before: ROFLMFAO.

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2 thoughts on “Chevrolet Volt Gets Priced”

  1. Interesting, we’re having the exact same useless stuff served to us here in France (mostly with Renault), and people get all excited about these new “clean” cars. Nobody I know seem to even question the problems raised (electricity demands, ecological cost of building, crappy and almost useless mileage).

  2. Yes, this cars-first thing is international, and certainly ascendant (if not as dominant) in Europe. Personally, I think it figures that people swallow the propaganda. All our institutions and media are constantly pushing it on people.

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